an adventurous company with the website to match

The Client

Canine Adventure Club

A dog walking and care company founded by a group of dog loving friends, the Canine Adventure Club seeks to provide their furry clientele with not just a walk, but with the adventure that all dogs deserve.

THe Scope

When the Canine Adventure Club first approached us for a meeting, they had specific requirements to display the wide range of services that they provided. Their main service, dog walking, had to be displayed as a tiered system, while their auxilary services, such as litter cleanup or bathing needed to be displayed a la carte. This all needed to fit in cohesively to bring together an informational website that could be easily accessed by phone, tablet, or computer.

The Process

It became clear that the best way to portray the tiered dog walking price system was to use a pricing table that revolved through several sets of prices. In the end we custom coded a pricing table that did exactly that.

Once we completed the pricing table, the rest of the website began to fall into place. For example, after a walk the Canine Adventure Club provides each of their dogs with a report card. We wanted to portray just how thorough the reports were, and in turn created a unique animation that tells visitors exactly what they can expect to receive in their report with just a glance.

THe Result

As we put the last finishing touches on the Canine Adventure Club’s website, we took a step back to take in our handicraft. We always strive to create designs that are clean, stands out from the crowd, and adheres to our clients’ vision. We had no doubt about this purpose as we delivered the final product to our client, who shortly validated this with a simple, “Job well done.”

We’re so glad to have been an integral part of a local, friend & family operated business and look forward to supporting them in the many years to come.

Their ability to understand, build, and execute is unparalleled and they have exceeded each and every expectation. I cannot recommend them enough.
Canine Adventure Club

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