Making Of: A website for two badass women with a passion for fashion

The Client

Fun In The Closet

Two best friends from Los Angeles who decided to take their passion for fashion to the next level. With their fun and perky attitudes, they help people from all around the world look and feel their very best, no matter the style, mood, or occasion.

THe Scope

When we first made contact with Fun In The Closet, they were still fledglings in respect to their journey. With only a name and a few social media accounts, they needed a website and a blog to build brand awareness and to document their ideas.

Today, these goals haven’t changed, but the attack plan has. Originally, we built a simple homepage that showcased WHO Fun In The Closet was. We felt they WERE the product. While this may ultimately still be true, we realized we could boost interactivity and viewership by helping to curate their content and place it first and foremost in front of the audience. 

If the audience wanted to know more about these two inspiring women, we made that content easily found as well.

The Process

It was important for Fun In The Closet to start with a blank slate, and that for us created the perfect canvas for us to truly bring in some revolutionary ideas.

We first started by going through and analyzing all their content. Then we segmented the content into 3 categories and began designing the website around these categories. The rest of the website fell into place, but we were sure to keep readability and usability at its maximum.

Hottest Topics

Fashion & Clothing

Tips on how to dress your best mood.

Lifestyle & Adventure

Ideas to live your best life.

Health & Skincare

How to look and feel better.

We made sure that there was a natural flow to the website and in between content pieces to ensure that the audience was never abandoned in their journey through the website.

THe Result

With a shiny new design in place, of course designed with an entirely new mantra, it was left to Fun In The Closet to decide whether we had made the right design choices to get us where we were.

As the list of features we discussed grew longer, so did the list of compliments. From the new landing area to the fonts, we had hit the mark.

Chloe and Cindy were especially thrilled impressed with their new popup menu, complete with animations.

We’re quite proud of the About Us page, we feel it captured their friendship, story, and whimsical personalities.

As one of our first and oldest clients, it’s been an absolute pleasure to work and grow alongside Fun In The Closet.

Every step of the process from planning to design to support, Webpage Craft has been on it! Whether its making sure our vision comes to life just the way we want it, to saving our database in a crash, we've had no problems in the many years working with Webpage Craft.
Fun In The Closet

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