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The Client

Hollywood Tribute

A business that operates within the entertainment industry that facilitates multicultural understanding and cooperation. With events and projects from all over the globe, Hollywood Tribute is a global entity that is paving the way for international cooperation and pushing the boundaries as to the possibilities that arise when talented people come together for a greater cause.

THe Scope

Hollywood Tribute already had a website but was looking to bring their site into the 21st century. Their old design was a step in the right direction for them, but they felt that their content was being muddied, rather than being put forth on a pedestal.


The Process

As a company that facilitated many events and were at numerous more, they had a lot of pictures that they wanted to showcase all over their site. We had to sit down and think of a clever solution to do so. After a few design iterations on our end, we finalized a design that artistically portrayed pictures from throughout the years, interlaced and interwoven between relevant text and content. We also created for them a clever timeline solution, that archived their events and content by even and by year, easily viewable to their audience.

And as a company that hosts a lot of events, they needed a simple, stress-free method to catalog and display their events in a tasteful fashion. We ended up creating them a template in which they could simply plug in the necessary information and have it be displayed within it’s own post and featured in several spots around the website.

THe Result

“I’m looking at this on mobile right now, and it looks GREAT!” We caught the CEO of Hollywood Tribute as he was in Shenzhen, China for a business trip, and even from halfway across the globe, we were able to deliver to him a product that surpassed his expectations. As we continued through our presentation it was readily apparent that each and every meticulous detail had not gone unnoticed. It’s these kind of reactions that we strive for in each and every one of our clients, and no matter how many times we hear it, every time feels like the first time.

Their ability to understand, build, and execute is unparalleled and they have exceeded each and every expectation. I cannot recommend them enough.
Canine Adventure Club

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