a modular website built for an everchanging, cutting edge dashcam company

The Client


A dashcam and technology company that is always innovating their products. With new products on the horizon all the time, their dedication to improvement is for the benefit of their customers.

THe Scope

myGEKOgear had a website, but they weren’t happy with the current look and feel of it.

Combine that with a website that was bugging out and creating unnecessary headaches, it’s easy to see why they were in the market. They needed a website that functionally performed the same as their old design, albeit with a more modern aesthetic.



The Process

The best way to understand the whole, is to understand the sum of its parts.

With so many products and so much information, we realized how vital it is to promote a navigation system that creates a hassle-free experience for the user.

Next, we created a beautiful and easy to use product page template. Easily modifiable and highly customizable, this modular template was perfect for their needs: a quick and easy way to create new input pages, no coding or headache required.

New Product Page

THe Result

We took a website that was a former shell of itself, cleaned it up real good, and had it turn over a new leaf. We added several features such as a new reviews section as well as improved media playback which complemented their current content set up perfectly.

The client was also plagued by several server problems, but we are happy to report that we were able to connect to their Amazon Web Services account and promptly fix several issues stemming from the previous build.

NEW myGEKOgear Homepage

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