Presenting the world's best donut shop (and bagels too)

The Client

Uncle Benny's Donut and Bagel

Nestled in the heart of San Fransisco near the Golden Gate Park, Uncle Benny serves up some of the city's best donuts, bagels, and coffees to the the local community. A local business on Irving St., those who know, know.

THe Scope

Uncle Benny’s web presence ranged as far as yelp, and that was it. They were looking for a simple and minimalistic way to showcase their menu and hours.

The Process

Human nature dictates that we are generally more inclined to react to pictures rather than text. To a degree, we felt that people would rather look at some donuts, rather than read about them.

So we made the hours long journey up to San Francisco to then catalog and photograph all that Uncle Benny had to offer.

We collected these into an easily viewable, lightbox ready gallery and created a visual menu right onto the homepage of the site.

New Menu


As yelp was a big factor in bringing in business, we made sure to tie in integration between yelp and the website to ensure that customers had a smooth experience.

News Features/Yelp

THe Result

As we wanted to keep it as simple as possible, we created a one page design that guides the viewer to the money shot, an invitation to come and try these delectable delights themselves, a map to help guide you to the store, along with a special coupon to help customers out.


We wanted a clean website to showcase our fare and got exactly that.
Uncle Benny's Donut and Bagel

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